Kitchen Kompact Online Design

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Here’s where to get your project’s floor plans, elevations, material list and renderings. A complete professional design package.


Here’s where to begin your personalized Kitchen Kompact design. We’ll provide a professional kitchen design package completely online and have it ready for purchase at a nearby retailer.

Disclaimer: Our free design services are offered solely as an aid to our customers during their ordering process. Customers are responsible for ensuring that all measurements, specifications, and selections submitted are complete and accurate. The concept design renderings are subject to revision pending field verification of all dimensions and measurements including appliances, centerline of plumbing, gas lines, and electrical outlets. Once all measurements are confirmed in the field and revisions have been provided, the layout and materials list with the quote must be signed by the purchaser prior to ordering. Kitchen Kompact and their sales/design associates are not held liable for any mistakes in quotations or designs as customers must review quotations and designs to verify all products are correct prior to purchase. This includes product selection, quantity, color, dimensions, and placement. Kitchen Kompact is not responsible for any issues that may occur with orders as a result of this information/design being incorrect.