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Mission Statement

When I bought this business as a small local custom shop in 1955, the Youngstown metal cabinet was THE competition. It was simply wood vs. metal.

The kitchen business has obviously changed since those days with the emergence of large conglomerates Kitchen Kompact and publicly held companies. I feel very proud of being a family-owned company, and with my three sons involved, KK is in good hands for the future. The most important factor of this family-owned business is the advantage it provides over the competition. Neither stock-holders nor another large company tells us we have to raise our prices every year.

The philosophy of Kitchen Kompact is very simple. We will offer a quality product at a reasonable price and, most importantly, deliver these goods in the most dependable lead time in the industry.

We recognize we cannot be all things to all people. This philosophy allows us to focus our efforts on a limited number of styles and colors. These styles and colors will represent the volume segment, or approximately 75% of the market. Let the other manufacturers supply the rest of the business.

Efficiency of production, labor and financial stability are our key advantages. They allow KK to manufacture a kitchen cabinet for less money with equal or better quality than the competition.

Thank you,

Kitchen Kompact
Dwight Gahm