2020 Download Instructions

2020 Catalog This catalog is named KK_0224 and contains Kitchen Kompact’s cabinet offerings (Gray, Dwhite, Glenwood, Warmwood, Chadwood).  This catalog contains the 42″ tall wall cabinets, 24″ tall wall cabinets, 96″ brooms/ovens, and new accessory items.   To install the catalog:

  1. Click “2020 Catalog” link above.
  2. Save the download file to your chosen drive location.
  3. Double-click on the 2020 Catalog Manager icon.
  4. Click on Install a Catalog From Archive (ZIP)
  5. In the Catalog Install Wizard Box, Click on the Small Box containing “…”  in Upper Right Corner
  6. Locate the downloaded zipped folder labeled KK_0224 catalog on your drive.
  7. In the Catalog Install Wizard Box, Choose Next.
  8. Choose Start (If the catalog overwrite screen appears – Choose Okay).
  9. A pop-up box will appear to notify you that the catalog was successfully installed.
  10. Choose Okay.
  11. Choose Finish.
  12. Close the Catalog Manager Box.